A beginning is a very delicate time…


Internet  vagabond: “Hey stranger. Why do you want to start a 30k hobby blog?”

  1.  Broadening Horizons:

    I’ve benefitted a huge amount from the time and enthusiasm of other hobbyists through blogs and tutorials. I suppose a part of me wants to give something back, but really I just want to get involved, meet new people and widen my orbit.

  2. Improving as a hobbyist:

    Let’s be honest, having people comment on your projects is incredibly motivating and rewarding. I’m also hoping for constructive criticism; my painting has not moved on in about two years and I feel that I’m about ready to make the great leap forward in both technique and style.

  3. Regular as Clockwork: 

    Consistency and discipline is important to me. I wouldn’t have got very far with my armies if I had only sat down to paint when I felt like it, but the vision of a fully painted 3000 point Word Bearer force on the table spurred me on. The hope is to build this outlet of creativity into my routine and make at least a fortnightly post.

  4.  Forewarned is Forearmed:

    I was partly inspired by 30kplus40k, a superbly well maintained blog. I’m fortunate enough to know Rob through my local gaming club and enjoy checking out what he has been up to. I should say too that Rob has weathered a few score questions about how he runs this successful blog, not to mention playing a big part in emboldening me to have a try at scratching out my own corner of the internet. Cheers Rob!

  5. Opportunity Knocks:

    I suppose this last one is a bit of a cop out, but who knows where all of this will lead? This is a hobby where you get out what you put in, and I’m really keen to contribute to the growing community of 30k players in the UK.

What can you expect?

I can only answer in the short term; I’m currently finishing off my Word Bearers and currently have over 3,000 points worth. That said, I’ve made significant changes to the original list since [REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED] and have a few more units to add. You know – like Gal Vorbak, and daemons and all the other stuff that a sensible, utterly ruthless servant of the dark powers would employ.

I’m slowly working my way through a Traitor Imperialis Militia army of about 2,000 points too, but I’m slightly horrified by how utterly feeble it will be on the tabletop. All those hours of painting to be blown off the table… I might need a rethink, but come hell or high water the purple trouser scheme stays, okay.

I will also write Black Library reviews, cover events that come my way and anything else that captures my fancy. You can expect the odd bit of fluff on here in support of my army and unit posts.

Lastly, Rob and I have a podcast in the works. It’s going to focus on [REDACTED] but I think it’s completely different to anything else out there currently, primarily because [REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED.] Anyway, more on that when we get our studio together and figure out how it all works.

Thank you for reading all of that.

Personally, I tend to skim the words and go straight to the pictures.


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