Hell Follows With Them…

If I could give one piece of advice to those thinking about entering into the Heresy, it would be to play their Legion the way that it is intended. Not so that you can optimise your list or table your opponent, but because it’s the most enjoyable way to play. I resisted this for nearly two years, running various builds and rites of war with little success on the tabletop.

Recently, the addition of the formidable Mhara Gal dreadnought and a wholesale use of psychic powers has, believe it or not, made the disciples of the Burning Horizon a far more dangerous force. Even so, I can recall on several occasions (usually after having my arse handed to me) my opponent saying, “Why don’t you run Gal Vorbak or ally in Daemons?”

Well, my tendency to run the army as a vanilla legion list (albeit with a 3D6 morale checks) is a thing of the past. From now on, I’ll be summoning daemons and calling upon all the help the Dark Gods can provide. After all, those loyalist loving dogs are no pushovers.

In keeping with this gradual fall down the eightfold path, the Burning Horizon has recently had a unit of Gal Vorbak seconded to its ranks! I’ve heard a great deal about these guys and can’t wait to find out if they’re as scary as everyone says they are.







Despite the addition of these daemonic troops, the Burning Horizon is still an armoured company. These guys will be getting a Phobos to run around in as part of either an Armoured Breakthrough or Armoured Spearhead Rite of War list.

Thanks for reading.

Standby for more Burning Horizon soon…





3 thoughts on “Hell Follows With Them…

  1. Rob Hill (@30kplus40k)

    Some of your absolute finest work Ed, these Gal Vorbak really show off your smooth layering skills and fine detailing.

    Something for everyone to admire and aspire too! Totally agree with playing the Legion as it appears in the fluff as well, I’ve been looking forward to you getting these up to match your tainted dreadnought 🙂

    Also, I need to get me one of those nice photo backgrounds…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. darkfuture Post author

      Thank you kind sir!

      I initially thought I could crank them out in a day or so…how wrong I was. Having spent so long painting terrain I was worried that I might have forgotten how to paint figs!

      Indeed, they shall be marching alongside the Mhara Gal (albiet as far away as possible given its daemonic anathema rule!).

      See you soon bud



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